Some Definitions and Clarifications

I have seen people almost come to blows in arguments that could have been avoided by ensuring that all parties had a shared understanding of the definition of a few pivotal words. Call me a purist, if you will, but when I offend someone, I want it to be a deliberate action on my part not the result of my opponents ignorance. I also like to limit my exposure to personal violence to times when I know I have the big battalions on my side – hard to do if your opponent gets tetchy for the wrong reasons.

Sure, I know it is unlikely that you would want to hunt me down and give me a good kicking, just because I called you ‘ignorant’, but it is not a chance that I am prepared to take. I don’t know how big you are, and there are an awful lot of you out there to do the kicking, so I am going to take the sensible precaution of defining some of the more contentious words used on the site.

So, before putting your ignorance and potential for violence on display, please read the following definitions:

What is a Fallacy ?

Its important to understand that basing your argument on a fallacy does NOT necessarily mean you are wrong. It just means you have used poor logic and have not proven your argument successfully. A...

What does Agniology Mean?

Agniology is defined as:"The Philosophical Study of Ignorance"  A more complete definition is offered by the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, which defines (the alternative spelling of 'Agnoiology') as...

Agniology, Agnoiology, or Agnoeology?

Yes, there is a certain irony in not knowing which is the correct spelling of the word 🙂 Most online dictionaries go with 'Agnoiology ', but there are many academic publications that go with 'Agniology...

What is the Definition of Ignorance?

Clearly, if we are to achieve a joint understanding of the word 'Agniology', then we also need to have a joint understanding of the word 'ignorance'. It is here that we run into a problem, as this word...


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