Did You Stop Using Bad Logic Yet?

 So what gives? Thinking of becoming a politician?

If you are, you have made the right first step with this approach – you are trying to win an argument by devious cunning alone. Clearly ‘logic’ is not something you feel comfortable using, so you are probably right to avoid it. It speaks volumes on your level of confidence in your argument that you felt the need to stoop this low.

The problem with your attempt is that it really lacked subtlety, and you made the mistake of underestimating your opponent – which is why you ended up being pointed to this page.

The explanation that follows is not really for your eyes – you knew exactly what you were doing when you tried to derail your opponent’s argument with this tactic. This explanation is really for anyone else who follows the link, just in case they haven’t spotted the full extent of your underhand attempt to win at all costs.

A loaded question is one that contains a highly debatable claim, but is phrased in such a way that it attempts to force an answer that accepts the claim as being true. If your opponent answers, it seems he has accepted the falsehood, if he declines to answer directly, it looks like he is dodging the question.

You opponent pointed you here, so that you could in turn be questioned, so….

Did you stop deliberately misleading people yet? (a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will do)


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