What does Agniology Mean?

Agniology is defined as:“The Philosophical Study of Ignorance” 

A more complete definition is offered by the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, which defines (the alternative spelling of ‘Agnoiology’) as:

Agnoiology (from Gr. ἀγνοέω, ignorance), the science or study of ignorance, which determines its quality and conditions.

Its an obscure word, but it is a ‘real’ one – it just has so few mentions on Google that I am pretty much guaranteed #1 ranking for the word once the site gets a few links 🙂

Now, before anyone gets over excited and starts flooding me with examples of ‘ignorance’ which they believe need ‘studying’, lets pause for a moment and consider the definition of the word ignorance.

For reasons detailed on the link just referenced, I am going with the simplest definition, being:

“A Lack of knowledge or information”


So there we have it, ‘Agniology’, for our purposes, will be:

The study of ‘lack of knowledge’ and  its quality and conditions.

Which, I hope you will agree, gives me free rein to have a little fun without the need to go ‘all academic’ on you 🙂


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